“What do you take?”

Remember: It doesn’t matter if it works or doesn’t, the idea is not to throw it in the dump and have it properly recycled!

Items we always take:

  • Computers – Desktops and Laptops (all ages, we don’t discriminate. Whether you are just upgrading, or you are cleaning out your closet, don’t worry! Just please, please, please don’t have Waste Management put it in the dump!)
  • Printers
  • Flat screen monitors, TVs or any flat surface that projects video
  • Accessories (keyboards, mice, that box of 2,000 random cables that just show up and keep on coming and you can’t figure out what to do with them)

Items we occasionally don’t take due to space:

  • CRT Monitors, TVs or any old-style tube type projection device.

If you have something that isn’t listed, feel free to call/text! 734.985.0220